Car Crashes If you have been in car crashes, you know that they are painful for both the body and the bank account. Car crashes can and should be avoided, as they are caused by preventable happenings most of the time. People must drive better and pay better attention to the road, in addition to numerous other factors that must be improved. There’s no excuse for getting into a car crash, and learning the ways to avoid them is essential in avoiding them.

Top 8 Causes of Car Crashes

1. Distracted driving is one of the top reasons for car crashes. Distracted driving has become more prevalent following the increase in phone usage and technological advancements. When sitting at a red light people often can be found sending text messages or reading their Twitter timelines on their phones. Even when driving, many believe they are good enough at driving to use their phones while behind the wheel.

It’s not just phones, however. Distracted driving can be reaching behind the seat for something, taking your mind off the road, or anything that involves your focus being lower than 100% on the road ahead.

2. Speeding is a tremendous issue when it comes to car crashes. People often think themselves invincible, so they drive at the highest speeds. Perhaps they have places to be or people to see, but they often end up in car crashes rather than at their destinations. When speeding, you are setting yourself up for decreased reaction time for the unexpected. Speeding is a dangerous practice that far too many do, and driving at the speed limit is a way to increase safety and avoid car crashes.

3. Drunk driving is a top cause of car crashes. This one is perhaps the most simple one. If you drank, you must not drive. Drinking and driving are illegal for a good reason, as drinking takes away your much-needed awareness on the road. You are unable to focus on what you must focus on, and often the car can swerve due to your lack of control. There is no excuse for drinking and driving, and if you do drink and drive you are setting yourself up for a car crash. Look out for drunk drivers after holidays or big events, like the Super Bowl.

4. Unsafe lane changes happen far more often than anyone would care to admit. Perhaps you forgot to check your blind spot, or you forgot to turn your blinker on. Suddenly the car moving ahead in the lane you are entering has to come to a stop or swerve into their neighboring lane. If everyone is lucky a car crash will be avoided, but odds are out of the multitude of things that can go wrong, something will. Changing lanes is a simple process of checking to make sure a car isn’t there, checking the blind spot, and signaling. Avoid car crashes by going through those three simple steps.

5. Tail-gating is another way to set yourself up to get into an accident. Tail-gating, or driving extremely close to the car in front of you, is a dangerous practice. We all get frustrated sometimes about the speed of the car in front of us, but that does not mean we should drive on top of their rear. Car crashes often result from people tail-gating, then when the car they are tail-gating comes to a stop, the ability to react to that is gone because of how close the two cars are.

6. Road conditions can also lead to car crashes. Snow and ice are difficult to drive in, for examples, while rain can make the visibility for drivers worse. Even fog can cause car crashes, as any time people are unable to see to the best of their abilities, car crashes are bound to happen. The way to drive in less than ideal road conditions is slowly and carefully, despite how fast you would like to drive. Sure it may take a little longer to reach your destination, but you can get there calmly and safely rather than risking a car crash.

7. Drowsy driving is a more prevalent issue than many believe. Drowsy driving is when you drive when you are too tired to realistically be behind the wheel with your full attention. Perhaps you are attempting to return from a trip at 3 in the morning, and you are tired. You decide to drive anyway, but your eyes keep nearly closing. That would be a practice in drowsy driving, and statistics have shown that the risk for car crashes nearly doubles for drivers that have been sleep deprived. Find a hotel instead.

8. Finally, the last cause of car crashes is bad drivers. Yes, bad drivers exist, and they can be any age. Perhaps it’s someone of old age that cannot focus at the level they should be able to. Perhaps it’s a teenage driver that just got their license and is still learning the ways of the roads. Car crashes will not always be your fault, and it is essential that you remain aware at all times that not everyone around you is as capable of avoiding crashes as you are. Be mindful of your surroundings.

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