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Lincoln’s Casino is one of the state’s most popular attractions.  It attracts visitors from all over New England, as well as tourists visiting the region.  The casino features gaming such as slot machines, poker, blackjack and roulette as well as entertainment like free concerts, cocktails and restaurants.  The casino’s parking lot and roads experience high volume traffic, Patrons are also often under the influence of alcoholic beverages when leaving the casino.  If you were involved in an accident at Twin River Casino, you need to hire a Casino Accident Attorney.

Do I need a Casino Accident Attorney?

If you were involved in an accident, you should seek out legal counsel immediately.  The Law Offices of Michael F. Campopiano Inc. offer the Casino Accident services that you need.  We are well versed in tort law, which is used in civil cases.  You may be owed a settlement to compensate you for personal injury and property damages.  At no out of pocket expense to you, you may be able to start receiving necessary medical treatment immediately.  Even if you were the one given the traffic citation, you may still be able to collect a settlement.

You cannot rely on insurance companies to pay you a fair settlement.  The adjusters are trained to try to save the company as much money as possible.  They may try to deny medical claims or short change you on the cost of damages incurred.  Without a Casino Accident Attorney working on your side, you cannot ensure a fair settlement.

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Our highly educated and knowledgeable legal staff are here to help you.  You need a Casino Accident Attorney that is experienced with tort law, excels in client communication and focuses on Rhode Island personal injury cases.  Attorney Campopiano is highly versed on the tort laws that define legal liabilities in civil court.   Once taken on as our client, we will communicate case status and updates on a daily basis.  We will remain accessible to you for any follow up questions.  We specialize in personal injury cases, so we have the experience you want when headed into court.  Call our offices today at 401-288-3888 to schedule your free consultation.  Let us help you receive the settlement that you deserve.

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