Finding the perfect Nursing home or care center for your loved ones is a tough task. It can take a tremendous amount of time, searching, heartache, and stress. It is a known fact that nursing homes have a history of mistreating the patients that live in them. For anyone in the search for their loved one’s perfect home for care, this is their worst nightmare. I have made a list of some nursing home red flags.

Nursing Home Red Flags


One of the most common nursing home red flags is the staff. The staff is a critical aspect that should always be looked over with immense detail. Ask yourself, what kind of attitude do the employees have? How are they dressed? Are they clean cut and manicured? Are they happy? Many details of each employee will show an indication of who they are behind closed doors. Not only is the look of the staff at the location important, but also the amount of staff. An understaffed business will cause neglect to the individuals that need care. If there are a lot of residents in the building but not a lot of employees, that’s a huge issue. You want your loved one to get the care they need at all times, right? A good question to ask is how long individual employees have been working at the particular facility. If employees are quickly coming and going, this is a red flag. Why are the workers coming and going so often? I’m pretty sure there’s a good reason, and it’s most likely not one you want to find out.

Unscheduled Visits

This is something most people will overlook entirely. Does the home allow unannounced, unscheduled visits? If not, that’s a HUGE red flag. You should have full freedom to see your family member or loved ones as you please. Of course, there are times this is inappropriate; you should not be expecting to be able to walk right into the building at 3 am. You should expect permission to be able to come in as you please during regular business hours.


Another one of the most common nursing home red flags is scheduled activities. Most nursing homes have multiple monthly and weekly planned activities for the residents to enjoy. The Activities should include outings, games on-site, lessons, arts, and crafts, church services, or many other activities. These activities will ensure that your loved ones are kept active and are exercising their bodies and their minds. Don’t forget to make sure the facility’s activities are of interest to the person staying there.


The noise levels in the building is another crucial point to look over. Are there a lot of sudden loud noises? Are there constant loud noises? Loud talking? This can include ringing phones, walkie-talkies, and sirens. High noise volumes and sudden loud noises can aggravate the elderly, especially ones suffering from Alzheimers Disease. Many facilities will use different methods of cutting down sound. Having a form of noise reduction in the facility should be in place. If for whatever reason you are unable to make a visit to the home beforehand, ensure that there is some form of noise reduction method in use.


Though this may seem like a no-brainer, to some, reviews are totally ignored and thought of as irrelevant. In some ways, that’s true; reviews can be faked or biased. Never overlook them nevertheless. Many websites have an honest and genuine review board for the facilities. If you have a certain home you are interested in and want to read honest reviews, use:

Rooms and Personal Areas

The common rooms, restrooms, and bedrooms should always be clean and smell fresh. Unsanitary areas show laziness and employees that are inattentive to detail, as well as employee integrity and care. It’s just like any hotel you’re staying at; you want it to be as clean and fresh as possible. I would try not to look at it as a hotel, but you get the point.


Depending on the condition of your loved one you are seeking assisted care for, you will want them to have some degree of freedom. Each patient is different and requires a different level of attention, but it should never seem like a prison for them. You want them to be as comfortable and happy as possible. All of these points are a great start when making a checklist of nursing home red flags to look for during your search. Try to think of a few of your own to add to the list. Do not be afraid to be as detailed as possible; you want the best for them. This can be a very stressful time for you and the person in need of assisted living. Making sure you are comfortable with the facility is just as necessary as making sure your loved one is comfortable. Having that peace-of-mind can make a world of a difference.