Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Attorney

RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Out of all motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are likely to be the worst. Motorcyclists are at a much greater risk of injury than others due to the absence of any protection for the head and body. An experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney is a must when you or a loved one have been injured. According to statistics, nearly 5,000 people a year become fatalities due to motorcycle accidents. The absence of any protection for the body and often minimal head protection lends itself to severe to fatal and catastrophic injuries for many bikers involved in accidents on the road.

One injured in a motorcycle crash will face significant medical treatment and expenses, pain and discomfort and loss of income and job security. In light of the serious nature of these consequences, it is crucial to obtain the best possible legal representation to recover the damages from injuries and financial losses that will most like occur. The legal team of The Law Offices of Michael Campopiano offers over 10 years of combined legal experience and excellence in achieving results for victims of motorcycle crashes.

Experienced Providence Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Our experienced and dedicated team has many an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney and paralegals that are there to protect the motorcyclist's rights. When you hire a Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident attorney from The Law Offices of Michael Campopiano, you get:

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Hold the Guilty Party Responsible

As a motorcyclist, you have just as much right to the road as anyone else. Unfortunately, other drivers are often reckless or negligent when driving around people on motorcycles. That leads directly to motorcycle accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries and lead to a lifetime of pain. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that was the fault of someone else, take them to court and hold them responsible. You are doing what is right and helping to ensure that other bikers are at less risk for a motorcycle accident.

Stand Up for Your Rights in Court

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you do not have to simply accept the consequences. The legal system gives you rights. In order to ensure that the roads are safe and that all drivers are treated equally no matter how many wheels they are riding on, people who are injured in a motorcycle accident can file a RI personal injury claim. Building a case can be a complicated and lengthy process without a motorcycle accident lawyer. But with the right representation you can use the laws to your advantage and go to court feeling confident about the outcome.

Seek a Financial Settlement

A motorcycle accident can rob you of everything you have in your life. And even in a minor accident, the consequences can be significant and long lasting. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is your right to pursue a financial settlement in court. This award cannot make up for everything that was lost because of the negligence and irresponsibility of the offending driver. But a financial settlement after a motorcycle accident can help to make a bad situation just a little bit better. Here is what that settlement can be used to cover:

  • Medical Bills – Even a short visit to the hospital can saddle you with huge medical bills. And a longer visit can wreck your finances. The settlement can be used to cover the cost of some or all of those bills.
  • Continuing Care – In order to recover from your motorcycle accident, you may require long-term care. The costs of this care can be substantial, but a financial settlement can make the care you require less of a financial burden.
  • Lost Wages – While you are healing from a motorcycle accident you may be unable to work. And in the worst cases, you may never be able to work again. A financial settlement helps you recoup some of the wages you have lost.

Our trial team is known and respected throughout the state for its’ thorough preparation and aggressive tactics in handling claims for those injured in a motorcycle accident.

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