According to a recent article published by Forbes, Super Bowl Sunday is noted as one of America’s most drunken days of the year. The big game is indeed a cause for celebration, but too much partying can lead to tragedy. Super Bowl Sunday is also reportedly a huge influx in car accidents and personal injuries.

Rhode Island is one of the top states affected by the increase of excessive drinking during the Super Bowl. The streets can be a dangerous place for innocent victims after the parties are over, and the bars have closed down. If you have experienced an injury or accident due to the reckless decisions of someone else contact our firm immediately. Super Bowl Sunday may be a victory for some, but it doesn’t have to be a complete loss for you. Our team of expert personal injury lawyers will navigate you through the process of making your claim and seeking the monetary compensation you rightfully deserve. For more information about our firm or to schedule your free consultation call 401-288-3888 and speak with our lawyers today.