Rhode Island Truck Accident Attorney

Rhode Island Truck Accident Attorney

Because of their size, trucks often cause a lot more damage than cars.  This leads to higher expenses for repairs, medical treatment and in some tragic cases funerals will even have to be arranged.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is flowing with statistics on these crashes.  Were you or a loved one hit by a truck?  Did injuries and other damages result from the accident?  If so, you need to contact a truck accident attorney today.

Time is of the essence when dealing with a truck crash.  Most of the evidence that is vital to your case will disappear in a short time.  Skid marks and onsite property damage will quickly be tampered with.  There are legal requirements for how long certain records must be kept by trucking companies.  Once that time has passed, companies will dispose of any evidence that could have been used against them.  Don’t let the system beat you; work within the system to get the settlement you legally deserve.  Contact truck accident attorney Michael F. Campopiano for your free consultation today.

Attorney Michael F. Campopiano Cares

Truck accidents are a type of personal injury case and personal injury law is what truck accident attorney Campopiano knows best.  He is the Rhode Island personal injury attorney you can depend on.  His extensive knowledge of tort law is necessary to fully understand your case, what type of settlement you are eligible for, and how to fight to get you the settlement you deserve.

When searching for a truck accident attorney you want an attorney that will be available to you when you need him.  Attorney Campopiano is available any hour, any day.   If you need help never hesitate to contact us.  We will clearly and fully communicate all aspects of your case and keep you updated on any changes.  This ongoing clear and open communication is vital to the attorney client relationship, although sadly not all attorneys put the same effort into communication.

Anytime serious injuries or deaths have occurred, it is also important to deal with a compassionate truck accident attorney.  Attorney Campopiano truly cares about his clients and the hardships they have faced.  He will whole heartedly work to protect your rights and get you a fair settlement, even if it means going to court.  His reputation speaks for itself.  Read Google Reviews from his previous clients and see how he has helped others.


Common Truck Accident Injuries

There are no two truck accidents that are completely alike. But injuries are common. And since a truck accident often leads to extensive damage, destruction, and even death, the injuries that result from even a relatively minor truck accident can be significant. Some of the most common types of injuries are listed below. This list is far from complete, and you should get in touch with a truck accident lawyer no matter what kind of injuries your suffer.

  • Spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis or mobility issues
  • Traumatic brain issues that create cognitive impairments
  • Concussions that put brain function in jeopardy
  • Broken bones that cause intense pain and take months to heal
  • Burns that can leave a victim scarred for the rest of their life
  • Internal bleeding or organ issues that put patients in critical condition
  • Lacerations that cause blood loss and lead to scarring
  • Seat belt injuries that can be either chronic or cosmetic
  • Paralysis that leaves any part of the body immobile
  • Wrongful death that robs families of a loved one

Why Hire a RI Truck Accident Attorney?

The road may be a dangerous place, but that does not mean you deserve to be put at risk. In the wake of any kind of truck accident, it is recommended that you hire an experienced truck accident attorney. The law provide protections for victims like you and your family. But you will need effective legal representation on your side in order to use the law to your advantage. Here is just some of what a quality truck accident attorney will do to help you secure a financial settlement and recover from the after effects of a truck accident:

  • Determine Liability – If you plan to file a personal injury suit, you will need to prove that a truck accident was caused by the negligence or disregard of another party. That is not easy to do, even when the facts of the case seem clear.
  • Build a Case – Creating a personal injury case that leads to a financial settlement involves more than just proving blame. You will need to understand the nuances of the law and have a background in legal strategy in order to build a case that counters the arguments of the defense.
  • Secure a Settlement – Your goal is to force the offending party to pay you a settlement to cover the cost of medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages, and diminished quality of life. A truck accident lawyer will employ effective ways to argue for the largest amount possible.

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